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Traveling through Colombia at Corferias: Reflections from the ANATO 2024 Tourism Showcase

Last week, the Chaska Tours team had the privilege, once again, to immerse themselves in the vibrant ANATO Tourism Showcase in its 2024 edition. It was an enriching experience where we participated as national buyers in the Networking Wheel, as exporters in the Business Macro Round, and as exhibitors at the Huila stand.

Seven team members from San Agustín and Bogotá rejoiced in reconnecting with old friends, forging new potential alliances, and continuing to be amazed by the richness of Colombia and the dedication and drive of entrepreneurs who invest in tourism in their regions.

Every booth, every presentation, and every encounter was characterized by fantastic experiences, committed professionals, and a lot of work and hope at a fair that was full (there were more than 40,000 visitors!), cheerful, and very colorful.

The Showcase was not only a business space but also a reminder of the natural beauty, vibrant culture, and Colombian hospitality, and how tourism has contributed to giving visibility to many territories and communities across the country.

We leave ANATO with hearts full of gratitude and optimism. We appreciate everyone who welcomed us warmly and inspired us with their dedication to continue working.

We remain committed to our idea of showcasing the best of Colombia to the world through sustainable and responsible tourism for our environment and communities.

See you next year :) Thanks, ANATO and Procolombia!



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