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Home. Life project. Dedication.

In this wonderful country we have not only found amazing nature and lovely people, but also a life project.

For all of us, Colombia is our home, we love it and want to show it to our visitors.

We warmly invite you to get to know us a little better and share “our” Colombia with you!

Rene Suter Chaska Tours.jpg

General Manager

René Suter

I am a Swiss expatriate, founder, and manager of Finca El Maco and Chaska Tours. I have been working as a tour guide for many years, and through collaborating with partners from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc., I have realized how much Colombia enchants everyone who visits the country. It's a spell that captivated me 25 years ago and never let go. I fell in love with Colombia so much that I decided to stay here, establish my own company, and start a family.
Claudia Patricia Ruiz Chaska Tours.jpg

Operations Manager

Claudia Ruíz

Why Chaska Tours? Because we do what we enjoy, and when you're passionate about what you do, it shines through in everything you do!
For me, tourism is not just work, but a calling. In addition to my job, I am proud to be Gaby's mother and I try to bring this love and devotion I have for my family into our guests' experiences at Chaska Tours.
David Roa Martin Chaska Tours.jpg

Deputy Managing Director
Product Manager

David Roa Martin

Even as a child, I loved my grandmother's stories about life in an Andean village. My teacher Andrés Hurtado García awakened my enthusiasm for Colombia's diverse landscapes. This inspired me to study hotel management and tourism in Colombia to combine travel and work. Over the last ten years I have developed into a dedicated professional who values ethics and sustainability. Now my passion is to inspire others about the wonders of my country.
Michael Gold Chaska Tours.jpg

Head of International Sales 

Michael Gold

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by getting to know the wide world. The exchange with other cultures was always the focus. That's why I turned my interest into my career. I studied tourism management in Germany and specialized in sustainable tourism. During my travels I found a country where I feel most at home: Colombia! The Colombian advertising slogan “The only risk is wanting to stay” has proven true for me. I have found my second home in San Agustín and from here I enjoy sharing the magic of the country with tourists from all over the world.
Zaira Ramirez Chaska Tours.jpg

Head of Logistics

Zaira Ramirez

What I appreciate most about Colombia is the endless facets of diversity. Our landscapes range from majestic mountains to breathtaking coastlines, and our Colombian cuisine is simply delicious. Outside of my professional commitments, I enjoy spending my time learning new things and pursuing my passions. I'm currently immersing myself in learning the Portuguese language, reading books in my free time and finding inspiration in music. As a photography enthusiast, I enjoy capturing the beauty of life in pictures to capture those precious moments forever.
Cris - editada.jpg

Head of National Sales

Christina Burbano

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find joy and tranquility in the mountains of San Agustín, often immersing myself in the peaceful surroundings. Traveling throughout the country and practicing yoga are integral parts of my life outside of work.
What captivates me most about Colombia is its remarkable diversity. From the rich tapestry of pre-Hispanic cultures to the multitude of traditions, customs, landscapes, and climate zones, every aspect tells a unique story.
Yudi Maka Chaska Tours.jpg

Finance Manager

Yudi Maca

I wear many different roles in my life. I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a daughter and I am a girlfriend. I also find time to cultivate my spirituality and dedicate myself to God. 

My trip to Colombia started out of love for a special person, but I stayed because I fell in love with the country itself. The fascinating combination of natural wonders and cultural diversity captured my heart and rooted me here.
Maria - editada.jpg

Operations Assistant

Maria Rojas

 In my free time I find relaxation and joy in crocheting and designing creative projects. In addition, time with my family is particularly important to me in order to share valuable moments with each other. My favorite place in Colombia is Isnos. This region delights me with its breathtaking landscapes, impressive tourist sites and the fascinating archeology that can be discovered here. My personal favorite word in Spanish is “Efímero”. It beautifully describes something that is ephemeral or temporary and reminds us to appreciate the fleeting nature of life.
Stefania Burbano.jpeg

Sales Assistant

Stefania Burbano

I grew up in a farming family in Popayán, surrounded by mountains and hundreds of coffee plants. Even in school, I had a strong interest in history and world literature. Driven by my fascination for travel and languages, I decided to study tourism and specialize in sustainable rural tourism projects. This passion led me to travel to different countries and learn English and German along the way. Since 2013, I have been volunteering with the NGO AFS Intercultural Exchanges, whose noble mission is to contribute to world peace through travel and cultural exchange among youth from around the globe.
Sofia Ortega Chaska Tours.jpg

Operations Assistant

Sofia Ortega

An important part of my life is teaching my two children how to sow in our vegetable garden and take care of nature. I am also actively involved as a member of the FENIX organization, a respected NGO that works closely with farmers in our region. In this cooperation, we focus on entrepreneurial processes in the areas of rural tourism, handicrafts, agriculture and home gardens in order to improve the quality of life and opportunities for local people.
Yinet Mendez - Chaska Tours.jpeg

Finance Assistant

Yinet Mendez

What I like most about Colombia is the rich culture and diverse gastronomy that our country has to offer. The mix of traditions, customs and culinary delights makes Colombia a true treasure. My personal favorite place in Colombia is the enchanting Caribbean coast, especially the historic city of Cartagena. The picturesque streets, colonial architecture and lively atmosphere make this place a true gem.
In addition to my work at Chaska Tours, my primary commitment is to my family. 
Mercy Chaska.jpg


Mercy Rojas

My hobbies include traveling, reading and watching movies.
The impressive natural diversity, the culinary delights and the hospitality of the locals make Colombia a fascinating place.
My personal favorite places in Colombia include La Guajira, San Agustín, Boyacá and Antioquia. I particularly fell in love with Guatapé, a place of incomparable beauty and magic.
A book that is particularly close to my heart is "Anne con E". This story touched and inspired me, and I appreciate the wisdom and life lessons it imparts.
Nina Schlieper - Chaska Tours.jpg

Representative in Cartagena

Nina Schlieper

My role at Chaska is to create unique travel experiences in Cartagena, be it for groups or solo travelers. I have the privilege of harnessing the beauty and diversity of this country to create unforgettable adventures for our guests. In addition to my work, I am also active in organizing tours in Cartagena and work as a tour guide. These additional activities allow me to continue living and sharing my passion for travel and cultural discovery with others.
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