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Colombia is our home and that is why we follow the philosophy of sustainable tourism.

Our principles are focused on respect for the environment and local communities.

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Sustainable & Responsible tourism.


Responsibility towards cultural heritage

Our mission is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and traditions of Colombian communities.

Our goal is to promote cultural exchange between travelers and Colombians, while respecting the customs and customs of those involved.


Responsibility towards society

We value working with local and regional suppliers and pursue a fair pricing policy.

We involve local communities in our activities to create jobs and improve the quality of life of locals.


Responsibility towards nature

We are committed to using natural resources carefully and responsibly. As far as possible, we try to recycle everything.

The aim is to minimize the negative impact on the environment both in the agency and throughout the distribution chain.


Responsibility to protect minors

We undertake, in accordance with Law 679 of the Congress of the Republic, to prevent and combat the exploitation, storage, use, publication, distribution and exploitation of materials relating to child pornography or sexual references to minors.


with the TourCert seal.

Chaska Tours works with local operators to respect customs and traditions, promote responsible tourism and minimize environmental impact. We are involved in lesser-known regions of Colombia, supporting the local population and protecting the environment. Our processes are continually improved and we respect human and labor rights. We are certified with the internationally recognized TourCert seal for sustainability and are members of ACOTUR, SerConatural and the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

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By booking your trip with us, you support a local social project in Colombia.

At the core of our company, we strive to support social projects through the use of tourism revenue. Although the pandemic caused some delays, we proudly launched this initiative in early 2023. 


  • Construction of sanitary facilities for a group of elderly pottery women in the village of Aponte in Nariño. The houses in Aponte are built of adobe and the lack of plumbing poses a major challenge. Due to a geological fault affecting the local structures, they have been forced to move several times, often living in precarious conditions.

  • Establishment of a free music school for children in San Agustín, Huila. This school has been fully functional since September 2023. ThereFor this we secured a space, selected scholarship holders, hired a teacher and purchased some musical instruments.

If you would like to receive more information, explore alternative ways to support these initiatives, or have any questions, we look forward to hearing from

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