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Experience the most prestigious horseback riding tour in San Agustín accompanied by an experienced local guide who will take you to four different archaeological sites. We explore the rural corner of the village, starting with "La Pelota", where three impressive statues have been placed close to the original site, next to the remains of an ancient mound. A few steps further is "El Purutal", where there are four more statues with their original colors, said to represent many other monoliths in the region.

We then continue our tour to the "Tablón", an archaeological site that houses five statues about 2 meters high, categorized as female statues, and houses a small ethnographic museum of the local population.

Finally, we explore "La Chaquira", an archaeological site with various human and animal figures carved from volcanic rock and offering breathtaking views of the majestic Magdalena Valley - one of the most beautiful views in San Agustín.

Half-day horseback riding tour in San Agustín

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Equipment (helmet, saddle, horse)
    • German, English or Spanish speaking guide
    • Entrance fees
    • Insurance
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