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Our belief in sustainability.

Colombia is our home and that is why we pursue the philosophy of sustainable tourism.

Our principles are focused on respect for the environment and local communities.

Whenever possible, Chaska Tours works with local operators and involves the communities visited in its activities in order to respect and preserve their customs and traditions through responsible tourism. We constantly implement measures to enable and improve the efficient and environmentally friendly use of natural resources and to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment. Through community-oriented tourism, we want to engage in the lesser-known regions of Colombia, helping to provide additional income to the local population and caring for the preservation of their natural and social environment. In order to ensure continuous improvement of processes, we continually review internal business processes and always respect human and labor rights.

This way we managed national and to obtain international certifications such as the Tour Cert seal. Because of our motivation, we are founding members of ACOTUR, the Colombian Association for Responsible Tourism, and SerConatural, an initiative to protect and promote nature tourism in Colombia. We are also a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, an international organization dedicated to the positive change of people and places through adventure travel.



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