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Join Mirjam Radke's Colombian Adventure with Us!

🌍 Join Mirjam Radke's Colombian Adventure with Us! 📸

We are thrilled to announce that the award-winning travel photographer and blogger, Mirjam Radke, is currently embarking on a captivating journey with us through the stunning landscapes of Colombia. Mirjam's incredible adventures and unique perspectives will be shared in real-time on her blog, offering a glimpse into the vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery, and diverse experiences that this South American gem has to offer.

Here's a little about Mirjam:

📷 Passionate Globetrotter and Photographer: Mirjam, born in 1984, has been exploring the world since 2015 with her trusty Olympus cameras, the OM-D E-M5 Mark III and underwater with the OM-D E-M5 Mark II and TG-Tracker. Her love for photography began early, and she captures the essence of her travels through compelling images.

🌏 Travel Philosophy: Mirjam doesn't just go on vacation; she travels. Each trip is an adventure and a challenge to immerse herself in the essence of a city, region, or country, connecting with its people and culture. While she appreciates the occasional lazy day by the beach, Mirjam finds true relaxation in the exploration of new landscapes and experiences.

🤝 Solo and Collaborative Travel: Mirjam enjoys both solo and partnered travel. Solo adventures grant her the flexibility to be spontaneous and explore at her own pace, while travel partnerships enhance certain experiences and challenges.

🌟 Traveling Frugally: Mirjam's extensive travels are not just a rumor. She strategically plans and organizes her journeys, making the most of holidays, weekends, and bridge days. By staying in hostels, homestays, or budget accommodations, and planning and booking in advance, Mirjam maximizes her travel experiences.

📸 Photography Funding: Mirjam's passion for photography not only fills her collection with captivating moments but also contributes to funding her travels. Through photo contests and paid assignments, she shares her visual storytelling with the world.

Follow Mirjam Radke's Colombian escapade on her blog, and be part of the adventure as she uncovers the magic of this diverse and enchanting destination. Stay tuned for stunning visuals, travel tips, and the unfolding narrative of her Colombian journey!

Safe travels, Mirjam! 🛫✨



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