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Harmony in San Agustín: Music and Joy Through Your Travel

Dear Travel Enthusiasts,

We are delighted to inform you that your travel bookings with us not only create unforgettable experiences but also facilitate sustainable changes on-site. In San Agustín, we have established a music school at Club Maco, which has blossomed further through the generous donation of musical instruments.

Thanks to our dedicated music professors, six children and six teenagers are currently receiving comprehensive musical education. Your support has turned this project into a resounding success.

A special thanks to our recent guests who not only enjoyed their journey but also brought an impressive collection of musical instruments from Switzerland, including Queerflutes, traditional flutes, music stands, and even a trumpet.

The students are making impressive progress, and the sounds of the instruments fill Club Maco with joy and creativity. We take pride in shaping a harmonious future for the children of San Agustín together with you.

Warm regards,

The Chaska Tours Team



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