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Grand National Gathering of Master Artisans - Huila 2024

The Grand National Gathering of Master Artisans was held in Neiva, Huila, from June 24 to July 1, 2024. During these days, the creativity and talent of the "Master Artisans" and new Huilan talents converged in three events across two venues. The 30th "Master Artisans" Gathering and the Huila Flavors Fair took place in the Pavilion of the La Vorágine Fairgrounds, while the Artisan Salon and Runway were held in the Pavilion of the José Eustasio Rivera Cultural and Convention Center.

Foto Crédito: Rubén Martinez.

Organized by the Huila Governor's Office, the Department of Culture, Corpo Sanpedro, Inturhuila, and Artesanías de Colombia, the Grand National Gathering of Master Artisans provided a platform for the visibility and commercialization of artisans' work. The event strengthened their business and participatory skills, and offered the public a showcase of their knowledge, skills, and creativity.

This gathering was part of the Bambuco Festival and the Feast of San Juan and San Pedro, annual celebrations that highlight the best of Huila and Colombia's knowledge, flavors, and joy. The fair presented a wide array of artisanal crafts from the region, including stone carving, weaving, basketry, ceramics, jewelry and costume jewelry, pottery, woodwork, and totumo crafts, among others. The municipality of San Agustín Huila was represented by 20 master artisans.

The cultural agenda of the event included parades, artistic displays, and the Huila Flavors Fair, which offered a great variety of the region's traditional cuisine.

The final reflection on this event underscores the importance of preserving and valuing artisanal crafts and the memory of our grandparents, who taught us the craft of weaving and other manual arts. These ancestral knowledge and skills are not only a source of cultural identity but also an invaluable heritage that we must keep alive for future generations. It is crucial to promote these gatherings and support artisans so that their traditions endure and continue to enrich our culture.

Fotos Crédito: Rubén Martinez.



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