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Embracing Colombia's Avian Diversity: Celebrating Global Big Day 2024

Today we are celebrating the Global Big Day.

It fills us with pride at Chaska Tours Colombia to highlight this day. Colombia, home to unparalleled avian biodiversity, is the country with the highest number of bird species in the world, with an astonishing figure of 1,966 species, representing 20% of the global total according to WWF.

In the history of this bird counting event, Colombia has shone, taking first place on ten occasions since its inception in 2015. Initially, this event was solely dedicated to the month of May, but in 2018 it was decided to conduct another count in October, coinciding with the migration of these species. Thus, the country has won six times in May (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023) and five times in October (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).

The Regional Coordination Group G32 of Global Big Day Colombia has proposed the strategy #Let'sGoForTheEndemics, with the aim of registering as many endemic species of Colombia as possible to better understand their conservation status.

This year, participation in the Global Big Day 2024 is of special relevance with the upcoming celebration of COP16, the world's most important event on biodiversity, which will take place in Colombia. Joining this event does not require previous experience or full dedication. Even a brief 20 minutes of observation can make a difference.

If you are a bird enthusiast, do not hesitate to participate; this event can be an opportunity to take some time away from routine stress and enjoy the beauty of nature. Furthermore, your participation will contribute to enriching data on Colombian avifauna, which is fundamental for the conservation of these species.

As an additional piece of information, within the framework of Filbo 2024, the Humboldt Institute has launched the new Atlas of Colombia's Endemic Birds, an invaluable digital publication available for free download. This atlas contains detailed information, data, and distribution models of 83 endemic species, exclusive to Colombian territory.

At Chaska Tours Colombia, we are committed to promoting responsible tourism and environmental conservation. Therefore, we encourage all our clients and friends to join this celebration and be part of the global effort to preserve the biodiversity of our beautiful country. Immerse yourself in the adventure of Global Big Day 2024 and let us marvel you with the incredible diversity of birds that Colombia has to offer!

We are excited about today's activity and eager to learn about its results. May this Global Big Day be a celebration of Colombia's natural richness and a boost to its conservation!



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