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A Tribute to our tour guides on International Tour Guide Day

Today, on this special day, we pause to honor and express gratitude to those whose passion and knowledge have illuminated our journeys and turned every experience into an unforgettable adventure. To the tour guides, we dedicate this day as a well-deserved recognition for their tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to the art of showcasing the wonders of our destinations to the world.

At ChaskaTours, we deeply acknowledge and value the crucial role tour guides play in creating exceptional experiences for our travelers. They are the storytellers, the keepers of local secrets, and the architects of lasting memories.

Our tour guide Holger:

The native German has been living in Colombia for 28 years. His passion and interest in this country have led him on motorcycle tours to the farthest corners, making him a true specialist in Colombia. Our travel guests especially appreciate his enthusiasm and carefree demeanor on our Colombia trips.

Today, we want to extend our special gratitude to our guides in Colombia. Your passion for sharing the cultural richness, fascinating history, and natural beauty of Colombia not only enhances journeys but also leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those privileged to be guided by you. Your tireless dedication, profound knowledge, and human warmth make each experience authentic and memorable.

On this day, we express our deepest thanks to all the tour guides who have been part of our ChaskaTours family. Your efforts have not only allowed us to grow as a company but have also enriched the lives of those who travel with us. We recognize the transformative power tour guides have to open our minds, broaden our horizons, and build bridges between cultures.

May this day serve as a reminder of the vital importance of your work and a tribute to your dedication and passion.

Happy International Tour Guide Day!



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