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San Agustín Community: Ancestral Weaving

Updated: Apr 22

Created to interact with and explore the diversity of textiles and ceramics.

We are delighted to introduce a new project in San Agustín aimed at assisting the local community. At Chaska Tours, we firmly believe in tourism as a tool for fostering positive change and growth in local communities. Our goal is to establish an authentic connection with the communities and the area, respecting natural resources, strengthening cultural identity, and promoting sustainable development in the region. As a team, we strive to provide the opportunity to learn about roots, discover the art that preserves craftsmanship, preserve the essence of the past by exploring diversity through meaningful experiences, and uphold traditions passed down through the knowledge and hands of our local artisans.

Textiles and Bananas: Armero Gómez Weaving Workshop

In this experience, we delve into the ancient tradition of how our ancestors utilized the natural resources provided by nature. Banana fiber, extracted from the stem of this plant, represents a renewable and abundant resource in our region. This workshop will reveal the art of fiber extraction and spinning, as well as the production of corresponding products. Additionally, you will receive information about the plants from which plant-based dyes are obtained to dye banana fiber, supervised by Claudia M. Armero G. and Amanda L. Armero G., both weavers with 8 years of experience. Immerse yourself in this unique experience and discover the richness of our cultural heritage through banana fiber textiles.

Ceramics Workshop

Crafts María - Arte Ancestral.

Ceramics, as a centuries-old art, connects us with the ancient ability to create objects from fired clay. This art was one of the most significant advancements in human history. The ability to store and transport liquids and other products marked a true revolution in the development of civilizations.

Durable ceramics offer us a unique window into the past, revealing invaluable information about ancient peoples, their level of civilization, customs, religion, economy, and commercial contacts. It is tangible evidence of the cultural diversity that has existed over the centuries.

In our workshop, we explore the various stages of creating utilitarian and decorative ceramic objects. María I. Gómez C. and José B. Córdoba R., experienced craftsmen with 25 years of experience, will guide us on this fascinating journey. You will discover the different techniques used in ceramics, from induction to the practical execution of activities.

Dive into the timeless world of ancient ceramics and uncover the secrets of this art that has endured through the ages. We look forward to exploring the richness and beauty of this unique form of expression with you!

Bead Embroidery Workshop

"Between Threads and Needles"

Bead embroidery holds profound meaning in the culture of our indigenous peoples. Among all the pieces, the Okama stands out, known as the "Path that traverses the neck," a necklace of great symbolism that bestows distinction upon the woman who wears it, reflecting her history and role in the community. Immerse yourself in a unique craft experience of bead embroidery using the weaving technique. This workshop offers you a comprehensive introduction to the basics required to create more complex accessories with beads. Workshop leader, Juan Felipe Daza Calderón, Technician in Ethnic Weaving from Sena with over 8 years of experience, looks forward to guiding you on this fascinating creative journey. Our workshop is located on Ceramics Street, so named because it houses the first factories dedicated to the production of roof tiles and bricks. This choice of location is not coincidental, as we are near the clay deposits that have supplied the production of these elements for centuries, as well as ceramic production. In this context, we have achieved a unique fusion between bead embroidery and ceramics through our bead embroidery overlays. We invite you to immerse yourself in the history and tradition of this place while exploring the art of embroidery with us. We hope this enriching experience inspires you and allows you to discover the beauty and depth of bead embroidery culture!



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